FORUMS The Steamboating Forum - Online forum group with ez to use format and ability to post pics and drawings. CLUBS & ORGANIZATIONS Amateurs de Bateaux a Vapeur - Recently formed hobby steamboat group in France. Website in French but easy to get around even if you don't speak it. Info on members boats. Finnish Steam Yacht Association - Formed in 1968 and now with over 200 members and 200 registered vessels, its mission is to maintain the traditions and know how of steam ships and their operation. German Steamboat Society - No English translation. Good background info on its formation, some excellent photos and a brief intro to small steamboats. Northwest Steam Society - Very active organization. Nice web site with calendar of events, links, members email listing, classifieds. Publishes newsletter. Steam Boat Association of Great Britain - Lots of good pics. Calendar of events. Fantastic links page! If you're over there, check them out. Steam Boat Association of Australia - They've been around for awhile and now have a website. Member's boats, Links, Classifieds, and more coming. Steam Ship Historical Society of America - Dedicated to the preservation of American steamships this is also an excellent site for information about "the boat great granpa worked on as a deck hand in the 1880s". Swedish Steamboat Association - English text available. E-mail list of steamboaters in Sweden. Swiss Steamboat Society. Formed in 1983, the Society has 160 members and 30 boats - ranging in size from 5M to 11.4M. Although the text is in German and some French, there are many excellent pics. And one of the boats has a 15 pipe calliope. Vereniging Stoomvaart (Dutch Steam Society) - In Dutch, but an English translation is coming. Pics and details of the 20+ members boats; links - an excellent site. STEAMBOATER WEB PAGES Steam Launch Phoebe Snow - A page dedicated to the 23’ steam launch build by Don Fenstermacher, Sr and family. S.S. Elfin - Site of a group of steamboat preservationists in the Netherlands who are not only restoring the 108' Elfin (formerly H.M.S.), but also the 120+' steam powered icebreaker Jacob Langeberg My Sidewheeler - Ken Brockway. In depth "goings on" of building a 20' sidewheeler with a great description of building a VFT boiler. If you want to do it yourself, definitely worth a look! Riverboat Dave's Paddlewheel Site - The largest collection of links and information about riverboats out on the internet. Period. Exclamation Point. EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS Rappahannock Boat Works - The owner has been into hobby steamboating for a number of years and builds wood strip planked/fiberglass hulls from 13' to 25+' in period designs at moderate prices. Beckmann Boatshop Limited - Everything you need to build your own steamboat. Bjorklund Steam - Located in Finland they produce a "ready to run" single cylinder engine, 80mm bore and stroke. Elliott Bay Steam Launch - Produces a top quality fibreglass reproduction of a 23'+ fantail launch hull. Markets antique engines and kits; boilers; pumps; propellers. Publishes the "bible" of steamboating, "Steamboats and Modern Steam Launches" and "The Steam Launch". Pearl Engine Co - Single and twin cylinder engines ready to run, as machined kits or casting kits. Make-up and hydrostatic pumps, blueprints and more. Perfectly Pretty Comfy Clothing Company - Having the correct period clothing is certainly a part of "equipment". The owner is active in the classic boat world. Preston Services - Dealers for used steam hobby equipment. Everything from traction engines to marine. All sizes, shapes and horsepower up to 70+HP triples. If you're serious, they are well worth a look. Reliable Steam Engine Co - Now with a new website, Reliable Steam Engine Co. has made available all the plans and drawings of their collection. Seven different steamboat hulls, eleven engines, six boilers, piping schematics and many accessories. Casting sets are offered for the engines. Worth looking at! Richardson's Landing - Manufacture authentic reproductions of whistles from a 6" dia. bell down to 2" dia. These are not cheap imitations, but are modeled on originals and sound accordingly. Selway-Fisher Design - Designers of, among other things, steam launches. Twenty steam launch plans sets available with lengths running the gamut from 13' to 50' and hard chine to rounded bilge. Their construction techniques are such that even a relative novice can build a beautiful, rounded bilge hull in a short time! If you're planning to build your own hull, these people definitely deserve a look! Stuart Models - They call them models, but properly built some will develop 5+ hp. MUSEUMS WWII Liberty Ship John W. Brown - One of the last surviving Liberty Ships (the other is the Jeremiah O'Brien), she is located in Baltimore, Maryland. WWII Liberty Ship Jeremiah O’Brien Located in San Francisco CA Oregon Maritime Center and Museum - Home of the steam powered sternwheel tug Portland. Last of its kind still operating in the USA. Steam Tug Baltimore - Built in 1906 by the Skinner Shipbuilding Co., she is the oldest steam-operated, coal-fired tugboat in the US. A Scotch boiler provides steam to a 12" + 25" x 22" compound engine. Virginia V Foundation - At one time there were hundreds of steamboats plying Puget Sound and they were affectionately known as the "Mosquito Fleet". The Virginia V is the last operating survivor of these vessels. MISCELLANEOUS Carferries of Ludington - If you're into Great Lakes steam vessels this is a good place to start. Also some excellent info on Skinner Unaflow and Marine Triple Expansion engines. Geneva Lake Cruise Line - Located midway between Chicago and Milwaukee, they offer charter and cruises on the Steam Yacht Louise, a restored vessel built in 1902 (steam just keeps running). Mother of All Maritime Links - Everything you ever wanted to find out about maritime. Make up a 10 gallon pot of coffee and lots of snacks. Steamboats - Primarily about sternwheelers. The Historical Resources page is excellent for those wishing to do research. And the links page is so comprehensive, I couldn't begin to repeat it here! Entire site is a font of information. EMAIL If you have a site, or page, that is primarily about hobby steam we would be willing to list it but would also like you to provide a link to the North American Steamboat Association in yourpage as well. please email if you want to add your page to the list.