Smokestack Magazine
The Smokestack, a bi-monthly magazine about hobby steamboating in North America Welcome aboard our new editor, Tim Lynch. We are fortunate to once again have an editor with a marine background - Tim is a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy and has over four years at sea. But it was at the 2003 Lee's Mills Meet that Tim encountered Tom Ray and Tiamat. He enjoyed her so much he now has his own steamboat Flying Cloud and the hull is the same as Tom's. He has had help from many others, including Mike Condax who has shown him the joys of wood firing. His previous education and work as well as owning his own steamboat should be a great help (Flying Cloud is shown below). Tim Lynch's 26' replica USCG motor surf rescue boat hull with appropriate steam hardware Many thanks are due to our former editor, Don Fenstermacher, Jr. He encountered problems in other areas of his life and still managed to bring out a good magazine - the quality of the color photographs continued to be excellent, no easy job even with todays publishing programs. The Smokestack - yes, the similarity to the Steam Boat Association of Great Britain newsletter The Funnel is intended - is published bi- monthly and started with September/October 2000. At 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" (the size of the old "Steamboating" magazine), it averages 32 pages and includes: * a calendar of upcoming activities and meets; * reports on the same - if someone sends them to the editor; * helpful "does" and "don'ts"; * what people are building; * steamboat basic training; * a question and answer forum; * a feature boat/engine; * new product review; * autobiographies; * classified ads; * commercial ads. If you want information about an activity or meet listed; an article about your boat or experiences; an answer to a question; whatever about hobby steamboating - you must do the writing! You may write OR email the Editor at: Tim Lynch 165 Jacks Hill Road Oxford, CT 06478 Telephone: 203-463-8288 Email: You will not find a classified section or a calendar of events on this website - after all, those are some of the benefits of membership. Nor will you find a reprinting of articles published in the newsletter. Hopefully this will convince you of the value of the publication and cause you to go to the Application page and join us.